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Info + Back story

These ponies are the gods of the world. There responsable for all the thing that happen in the world. Sun/Light
gods live in a place called Eltopia, high above cloudsdale while Moon/Dark gods live deep in the ground in a place called Ecopiea(Es-Cope-Eia)
The get along very well. Light gods come down to equestria in the day and night while dark gods only go out at night. They can be gods
of anything from bread to water. The oldest of gods made these ponies to do there bidding in the world.

Celestial Guardian Ponies (SEMI OPEN SPECIES) by MadamStargate

Queen Stella Galaxy (Celestial Guardian Pony) by MadamStargate

The Queen, Stella Galaxy. She was the first goddess in existence even before her husband.

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Q: I want one!
A: You can make a Common one for free

(edited)Q: Earth pony?
A: they are rare af so....

Q: Can I have (anything above common) for free?
A: If I like your art style or Ive worked with you before and It wasn't hell, other than that HELL NO.

Q: Will you take anything for rights other than points/Money.
A: Maybe... but probably not.

Q: But there to much! That's not fair
A: that's nice.....

Q: Can I make a Royal?
A: No, unless I need more, I have given special permission, or your a Co-founder.

Q: Can these be cross bread?
A: Yes? If its ok with the other species owner then I don't give a damn. Check with me first tho.
New 3/5/17

Q: _______ stole _____ from you| Someone /___ made a (something other than common.) without permission!
A: Thank you for telling me! I'll handle it. Dont be a dick and send hateful things.

Q: How come you have to pay to be a Co-founder?
A:  Because Im selling you ownership something ive worked on for like 2-3 years??? Im giving you the right to make them anyway you want??? wtf???

Q: There mary-sues!
A: Cool story bruh.. but anyway if its me then give me criticism not "itz a mary sue i dont leik it!!1! :((((((", f its someone else then take it up with them.

Q: ____ Isnt following the rules!
A: First thing, did you make shur It wasn't breaded with another species. If it want and still breaks rules Ill take a look at it. But thank you for letting me know!

Q: This looks like  ____ race!
A: I took inspiration from other peoples races so that might be it. If It bothers the owner of said race they can come to me and talk to me. 

New 4/17/17
 Males populate only 20% of the population!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Do I have to buy right each time I want to make one?
A:No! thats just dumb. You by right ya have em for life!

Q:Can I post these on Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr/Ect?
A: You can post them on Tumblr,Instsa, Twitter AS LONG is there is a watermark. Ok?

Q: Do we have to tag you on such sites? ( MadamStargate for DA, @ madamccree for Instagram, madam-mccree for tumblr and @ madamsatrgate fo Twitter Smol Bendy - F2U 
A: I'd appreciate it, so I could see it, but you dont have to.

Q: Do we have to submit all art of Celestial Guradians to the group?

Q: Can they be themed after things like video game characters?
A: I guess so.....

This is the official list for all the owners of Celestial Guardian rights / have an oc




Ultra Rare


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